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Casey Shott

-likes to design and paint stuff



- Casey's big silly dog

Shott Customs began in 2011 as a goalie mask painting business after a teenage Casey Shott was given an airbrush kit from his father.


Casey has been involved in hockey his whole life and like any young goalie, was always dreaming of what he would get painted on his mask one day. 

The "do it yourself" mindset is always encouraged by his father and without hesitation he had gotten Casey setup with the airbrush, compressor and paints so that he could paint his own mask. 


With Casey's already growing artistic interest, the airbrush was the perfect introduction into the world of custom painting. After painting his own masks he was soon fielding requests from fellow goalies, adding to his portfolio of mask art.

The business expanded to take on much more than goalie masks, revealing that just about anything can serve as a worthy canvas. Motorcycle helmets, tanks, 3D printed parts, game controllers and more are fair game and we always look forward to bigger and more challenging projects. 

Casey his thankful for his family, for their support and making it possible to pursue this unconventional service.


Shott Customs 2012

- Casey with Brandon Wheat Kings goalie Jordan Papirny and Global News Reporter John Sexsmith

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